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Shot in locations including much of California, Nevada, New York, Kansas, Oklahoma, London, and Utah.

Cast / Subjects

The cast includes our main characters as well as a variety of social justice advocates. See more cast info here.


We Want the Airwaves is a mixed media documentary; it includes footage from Manifesto! which was shot on Panasonic Varicam, 35mm, 16mm, and Super 8mm film. Additional shoots were filmed on these formats as well as a variety of HD and some SD digital video formats.

As a vérité based film, whenever a camera was needed quickly, whatever camera was available was the best camera for the job.

Quotes About the Film

Filming "We Want the Airwaves" was like letting an unbroken horse out of a barn - a straight, unstoppable force that must be ridden to its ultimate, sometimes painful conclusion.

"Manifesto!" was called a lot of things, including "A gigantic call to action" and "the next evolution in television." "We Want the Airwaves" tells the story of making "Manifesto!" a ground (and genre) breaking docuseries; how they got it made, and metaphorically, "where the bodies are buried."

"We Want the Airwaves" is, at it’s core, an argument for our first amendment rights on a grand scale. An argument for a people’s platform. A platform that celebrates citizen heroes in the making.

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We Want the Airwaves
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